Why do I need an Annual Cleanout?

and why earlier this year?

Annual cleanouts are necessary to maintain a clear healthy pond. Once cold weather begins the beneficial bacteria that balances your ecosystem goes dormant and a large amount of muck and waste builds up in your filter and pond bottom. This can cause ammonia spikes which are deadly to fish and also causes large amounts of algae growth as the temperatures warm up.

As the pond service industry has evolved & gained experience, it has been discovered that cleaning the ponds earlier in the season is by far better for the ecosystem, the fish, and the plants. Here are the top 3 reasons why an earlier annual cleanout benefits your pond. Cleanouts will be scheduled to start February 1, 2020 and will run through April.

Ecosystem Boost

Cold water beneficial bacteria starts colonizing early in the season, a key component in a clean & healthy ecosystem. If cleaned in late winter, this new establishment will be washed away.


Fish Health & Safety

Fish are still dormant, but not hibernating which is the ideal time to move them. A less active fish means a diminished chance of stress or injury.


Plant Growth

Plants have not started growing yet, so the cleaning process will not damage new growth. It's the best time for fertilization, as your plants will explode in blooms through the season.


What's included in an Annual Cleanout service?

• Drain your pond
• Remove your fish safely and place back after cleaning
• Remove all large debris
• Pressure wash the rocks and filters
• Replace any loose or missing gravel
• Check & repair lights

• Pond detoxifier application

• Cold water beneficial bacteria application

• Blow leaves & debris away

• Fertilize all aquatic plants

• Make sure your pond looks & runs like new

• Labor & trip charge included

We can usually finish within the man hours allotted. Any additional hours of labor due to excessive plant or fish load, larger pond sizes, or for additional services requested will be billed at $95 / man hour. Gravel replenishment & lights are extra charge.

V.I.Pond Pricing based on pond size & service level.


Annual Cleanout pricing starts at $550* and is based upon size of pond & service history.  Our service manager will discuss with you your service & payment options.  The submission form reserves your place in line for scheduling. Prepay today to lock in best availability.  Click the button below to signup today.


All NEW Annual Cleanout customers will be required to have a PondFacts report completed prior to cleanout service.

Fill out the online form to submit your Annual Cleanout request today or call our service manager directly at 336-252-9066.


*Full payment will be rendered at the time of service scheduling via email invoice as we will no longer be sending invoices via USPS mail. You will receive an invoice via email with online payment options. We accept all major credit cards online in addition to check & cash paid in-store. Credit card payments will incur a 2% processing fee. Payments received on or before November 30, 2019 will qualify for a $50 in-store gift certificate. These certificates will be mailed out within the first two weeks of December.

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