Fall & Winter Prep

Why do I need fall service?
Fall & Winter Prep service is needed for preventing an abundance of waste building up in your pond over late fall & winter. Additional enhancements can be made to better prepare your pond for winter such as aerators and pond de-icers.


What does the prep service provide?
1. Clean the bio-filter to remove muck that causes poor water quality during the dormant winter months

2. Cut back aquatic plants that turn brown over the winter and remove excess debris

3. Add Aquascape brand cold-water beneficial bacteria and Rapid Clear treatment

4. Net the pond to prevent leaves from settling to the bottom of your pond and creating heavy muck

• In addition, we also salt your pond for fish health. Over the winter months, fish are the most susceptible to infection. Salt helps with the slime coat of your fish to prevent parasites & diseases

Fall & Winter Prep service package for ponds includes:
• Cold water bacteria treatment ($24.98)

• Rapid Clear treatment ($15.98)
• Leaf net ($19.98)
• Pond salt ($11.98)
• labor including trip
We can usually finish within the 2 man hours allotted. Any additional hours of labor due to excessive plant or fish load, larger pond sizes, or for additional services requested will be billed at $95 / man hour.

Net Removal & Cleanup Add-On Service

For an additional fee, this optional add-on service will have our certified technician come back out to your home in December to remove the pond net, blow leaves, and remove any pond debris.

Pricing starts at $375 based upon pond size and service history.

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