Bring the ultimate experience of relaxation right to your home with a natural ecosystem pond or Infinity Waterfall from Pond Country

Science has proven the mental & physical benefits of not only the sound, but presence of water in our lives
Waterfalls generate negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen, which improves alertness and mental energy. The rhythm of "white noise" from the sounds of water affect our brain waves, encouraging a more peaceful pace of thought and deep meditation. It's hugely beneficial for those days when you've dealt with the daily stress of work & traffic.
The natural beauty of a pond, its colorful fish, and accompanied waterfall create a sense of awe that leads to greater life satisfaction. Pond Country is the industry leader in building these backyard escapes. Check out below all of the services we offer to help you achieve the serenity in your life that you deserve. If you'd like to see each package in person, visit our retail store & gallery located across from the Triad Farmers Market off I-40 near Greensboro or our new location in Mooresville near Lake Norman.
Paradise for any budget
We make owning an ecosystem pond or Infinity Waterfall affordable with competitive, easy-to-understand, upfront pricing. We won't surprise you like other contractors do with hidden costs or "mysterious" estimate pricing methods. All of our prices include design and installation. Optional enhancements like lighting, streams, and more available with prices too. We also build larger water features along with commercial projects. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on what we can design & build for you!
Our water features start at $5,995 for an Infinity Waterfall or new pond installation - the lowest in the area! We even offer special financing on all pond & waterfall packages. Qualified buyers can enjoy a waterfall or pond for as low as $75 per month!*


Ponds, with fish and aquatic plants, create a natural ecosystem that you can enjoy in your yard all year long. Our ponds all feature premium Aquascape® professional-grade equipment. Unlike other contractors, we don't mix and match manufacturer parts which can cause not only confusion, but headaches with compatibility & quality. Our ponds have been enjoyed in hundreds of homes across the Carolinas and Tennessee.
All of our ponds are custom built just for YOU! We make any area work and look great with a pond. You'll be amazed at what our experienced pond artists can design for you. We don't build cookie-cutter features, each pond is tailored for each customer for a unique backyard paradise that you can enjoy for years to come.

Infinity Waterfalls

Infinity Waterfalls are simply a recirculating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. Enjoy the sights & sound of running water with virtually no maintenance. If space is lacking in your yard, go with an Infinity Waterfall. Our three packages are designed to range in size and fit individual desires. Pricing start at $5,995.

Rebuilds & Upgrades

Whether your current feature is a DIY project, a contractor project gone wrong, or an older water pond - we offer extensive services for rebuilding it into one of our premier water gardens. You may just be looking for a visual uplift and renovation, which we can easily do for you with detailed consultation and pricing. Pond Country can rebuild your pond or waterfall into the relaxing escape that you've been dreaming of.


Pond Country offers a wide variety of pond enhancements that you can add to any water feature - or in some cases, just enjoy by themselves! In addition to natural ecosystem needs like fish & aquatic plants, we sell decorative options such as lighting, larger streams, fish caves, fire boulders, fountains, driftwood, boulders, and even patios! If you can dream it, we can build it.

Services & Repair

Pond Country can help fix any problem for an existing water feature. Have a leak? No problem! Our master-certified technicians can come out for a visit and fix any problem quickly and efficiently.
Just move into a new home or have an older pond that you know nothing about? Feeling confused about where to go and what to do with it? We have you covered with our EXCLUSIVE PondFacts consultation & diagnostic service. For a low service visit cost, we can provide you with details about your water feature and show you exactly how to get the most out of your pond or waterfall.
We can also help get your pond ready to enjoy for the seasons with our Spring Cleanout and Fall/Winter Prep services. Unlike other contractors, our cleanout service price includes travel, labor, PLUS water treatments - no hidden costs or "oh, by the way" kind of tricks. Our prices are in easy-to-understand color-coded pricing schemes by pond size. Signup online, in our store, by phone or email today!

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