Enjoy the peace of mind of having a beautiful pond no matter what life may throw your way

Get all seasonal services plus regular checkups (including auto-dosing treatments) for a low monthly fee!

What we do each month:

• Clean skimmer

• Clean pump

• Empty skimmer basket

• Change auto-dosing bag

• Check fish health

• Check water quality

• Add enzymes for eco-balance

• Quarterly plant fertilizing

• Trim dead plants

• Clean heavy debris

• Clean heavy algae

• Cover exposed liner

• Check (& fix) edges for leaks

• Check lights

Every ParadisePond package includes our base Spring Cleanout & Winter Prep seasonal services

All ponds are eligible for continued warranty coverage!*



All ParadisePond subscriptions require a 12 month contract with an agreement for a monthly auto-draft or 12 month prepay via credit card or electronic bank transfer. Autodraft will occur on the first of each month. Subscriptions automatically renew at end of 12 months unless written cancellation is received. Cancellation of contract will result in $200 fee. Customers outside of 50 mile radius of retail store may be subject to additional travel fee.

Our policy: we knock on the door and let the customer know we are there. We will take a picture of the pond when we leave as well as a picture of the job's performance and email those to the customer. We may also offer upgrades such as fish food, koi krunchies, plants, etc.

*Continued warranty coverage is subject to certain conditions and active as long as the customer signs up at time of installation and is a subscriber to the ParadisePond service. Contact the service manager for more details.

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